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We don't make sites, we craft themes with love & passion. That is our most valued secret. We only do thing that we love.


We believe ideas come from everyone, everywhere. In fact, at BlackTie, everyone within our agency walls is a designer in their own right. And there are a few principles we believe—and we believe everyone should believe—about our design craft. These truths drive us, motivate us, and ultimately help us redefine the power of design. We’re big believers in doing right by our neighbors. After all, we grew up in the Twin Cities and we believe this place has much to offer. So we do what we can to support the community we love.

Over the past four years, we’ve provided more than $1 million in combined cash and pro bono support to Way to Grow, an early childhood education and nonprofit organization. Other community giving involvement throughout our agency history includes pro bono work for more than 13 organizations, direct giving, a scholarship program through the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, board memberships, and ongoing participation in the Keystone Club, which gives five percent of our company’s earnings back to the community each year.


To achieve real change, we have to expand boundaries. Because the Wild West of what-could-be is unexplored but rife with opportunity.


Employees and consumers. Two halves of a brand’s entirety, the whole of a brand’s audience. Sometimes these two halves have very different viewpoints, creating a weak spot in the brand story. Weakness tarnishes credibility. Brands that aren’t credible aren’t viable.

We squash weakness by designing the whole brand story. It’s crafted around the truism held by employees and consumers to create an experience that connects from the inside out.

By being true to the brand we represent, we elevate the audiences’ relationship to it. Like becomes love becomes a passion. Passion becomes advocacy. And we see the brand blossom from within, creating a whole story the audience embraces. That’s when the brand can truly flex its muscles.



To develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with consumers, we believe design must invite them to take part in the conversation.

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Mike Arney

Mike combines an expert technical knowledge with a real eye for design. Working with clients from a wide range of industries, he fully understands client objectives when working on a project, large or small.

Tim Davies

Tim is an experienced marcoms practitioner and manages projects from inception to delivery. He understands the synergy between great design and commercial effectiveness which shines through on every project.

Michele Lampa

Be a creative director is a hard task, but Michele loves what she does. Her combination of knowledge and expertise is an important pillar in our agency.

Jaye Smith

Jaye began making websites when animated logos and scrolling text were cool, but has since found a love for simplicity, creating websites that are a pleasure to browse. Monkey Island Fan.


Do you want to be one of use? Sure you want, because we are an awesome team!. Here we work hard every day to craft pixel perfect sites.

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From the purely practical to the richly philosophical, design is the solution to a host of challenges.


Take a Look
Take a Look
Take a Look
Take a Look
Take a Look
Take a Look


There’s more to design than meets the eye. It’s when it meets the heart that design creates a meaningful, lasting connection with the audience.


Jaye Smith

Published Aug 30.


Armed with insight, we embark on designing the right brand experience that engages the audience. It encompasses both the strategic direction and creative execution that solves a business problem and brings the brand to life.

In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints. This is when we watch the audience fall in love all over again with our client’s brand.

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Michele Lampa

Published Aug 28.


Armed with insight, we embark on designing the right brand experience that engages the audience. It encompasses both the strategic direction and creative execution that solves a business problem and brings the brand to life.

In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints. This is when we watch the audience fall in love all over again with our client’s brand.

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+34 9884 4893
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